My blog is called MeMe’s Musing because my name is MeMe (a nickname for Amelia coined by my best friend, Maurice) and it will most likely be a collection of sporadic, unfocused, stream-of-consciousness musing on whatever I feel like writing about, whenever I feel like writing. 

Flying in the face of the way I normally of do things, I did zero research into the proper way to start a blog, which platform to use, or what best practices to employ to ensure success. I didn’t undergo an intensive strategic planning process, write a mission statement, create a mood board to discover my personal brand, or even read any other blogs for inspiration. In fact, I don’t follow any blogs regularly. 

With most things in life, I take my time, do my research, make a plan, and only commence doing once I’m really ready. In other words, I like to do it right. Read my blog if you’d like, or don’t. This is my experiment in doing it wrong, so my expectations are pretty low.

If you do decide to tune in, expect to read about attempts at healthy living, feminism, 80’s movies, breastfeeding, whatever social justice cause I’m feeling particularly passionate about, woodworking, genealogy, and living with a wolf-dog.

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